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They are extremely agile in the forest and can walk long distances very rapidly without making any noise.Their incredible skills and endurance in the forest make them successful hunters.It is unclear if three minor varieties are mutually intelligible with Baka proper.They are Gundi (Ngundi), Ganzi, and Massa (Limassa).Jengi therefore has much closer contact with men than Komba, and it is Jengi they call upon in time of need. The people are ethnically close to the Aka, the two together called the Mbenga (Bambenga), but the languages are not related apart from some vocabulary dealing with the forest economy, which suggests the Aka may have shifted to Bantu from a language like Baka about 1500 CE.

They have been historically called pygmies (the term is no longer considered respectful). The Baka is the only group culturally adapted to the Southeast forest of Cameroon.

For the Baka, the forest is living and communicates with them.

Instead of domineering nature, the Baka's goal is to live in harmony with it.

Komba, away in the forest, heard the sound of the dance and returned to see Jengi flee, whereupon he was very angry, because Jengi was so dangerous.

So, since man had brought this on himself, Komba said, 'Alright, you can have him,' and he left Jengi with men and went away. Komba has hidden himself and no one sees him, but Jengi is now everywhere in the forest. Baka (also called Be-bayaga, Be-bayaka, and Bibaya de L’est) is a dialect cluster of Ubangian languages spoken by the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon and Gabon.

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