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Myers brigs dating

Your ability to be flexible makes you an easy person to be in a relationship with.

Your Strengths In Relationships: As “The Artist” of the group, you’re focused on feelings and sensing.

Because you want to know why things function the way they do, you’re probably more likely to want to talk through your relationship's problems so that you can get past it and move on to the next thing.

Your Strengths In Relationships: You’re straight to the point about everything, and can get things done.

Your Strengths In Relationships: Your acute intuitiveness makes you “The Visionary.” You’re a great conversationalist, witty, and quick on your toes.

Not only does knowing our personality type help us to understand who we are and how we react in certain situations, but it’s also a great suggestion as to who we might be compatible with, and how we are within relationships.

Once you take the test to know your Myers-Briggs personalty type, then you can figure out who, out of the 16 types, will make for your ideal romantic partner.

Your Strengths In Relationships: You’re an extrovert who prefers facts and figures to flights of fancy.

You also like to take charge of situations, which is why you're known as “The Guardian.” You’re dependable and realistic in terms of love, but you’ll also do anything for those people who are fortunate enough to be loved by you.

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You can basically go anywhere and talk to anyone, and completely hold your own.

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