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Myanmar date 15 sex

More than one third of NIDUs were involved in sex trading.This study suggested that further comprehensive intervention programs that aim to reduce risk factors of trading sex among NIDUs may consider including NIDUs who used stimulant drugs, had regular/full-time jobs, used drugs more than twice per day, and had homosexual preferences.The questionnaire was translated from English to the Myanmar language and was pretested among a sample of NIDUs residing outside the study sites in November, 2009 by the researchers.

They were eligible to receive the secondary incentives of 500 kyats (0.5$) only after the NIDUs whom they recruited participated in the study.

Sex trading, for money or drugs, has emerged as a significant public health concern due to a wide range of negative health impacts [1].

Among these, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, are one of the recognized risk factors among drug users [2].

The first respondent was recruited from a local drop-in center as a seed, and that participant was requested to introduce three drug users through a coupon system.

All the participants were requested to recruit their friends/partners within the 14 days before the coupon expiry date.

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However, HIV prevalence among NIDUs is unavailable.

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