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Mauritius port louis peoples dating networks

Some of the 19th-century cameras are giants, from an age when creating a larger picture required a larger machine.These are the giant wooden boxes with a red cloth draped over the back, where the photographer covered up to keep out the light.Due to their cultural diversity the Mauritians have a calendar in which many different festivities and holidays are celebrated.It is really fascinating to discover the Mauritian diverse cultures.

The exact date of for the celebrations is determined according to the Chinese calendar.

Manglaviti meets with aspiring photographers, looks at what they know how to do, and then tailors instruction to help them get the most out of their equipment.

Within a few hours, he's got them understanding the basics of the camera's mechanics, which helps people begin to experiment with their settings.

Some of those pictures are preserved in the museum.

Daguerrotypes from Mauritius are the first photos taken anywhere in Africa, by a man named Jules Léger, who later moved to South Africa, where he opened that country's first photo studio in 1846.

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