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One lady of 34 married a mainland man four years her junior she had met in an exporting company in Shenzhen; he was in the sales department. “He has a good head for business and is capable and honest.I find Hong Kong men childish and nagging.” Another benefit of a mainland husband is that your mother-in-law does not live in Hong Kong but in a distant city.This sharp increase in Hong Kong women choosing mainland spouses was one of the focuses of the survey.Previously, most women here would have looked down on men from the mainland and seen them as a poor second choice.Last year 7,626 Hong Kong ladies married men from the mainland, more than three times the 2,190 such cases in 1997.

Now they are as well or better educated than men; services account for more than 90 percent of the city’s GDP, giving women equal opportunity at work; and contraception is easily available.

Influenced by Western models, society has come to accept more easily those who are homosexual, single, divorced and childless.

It is no longer taboo for women to marry men younger than themselves.

Late last month the Hong Kong Ideas Centre published a survey of 804 Hong Kong people who had married people from over the border.

The women said that they found Hong Kong men immature and too mean with money.

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Women work long, exhausting hours and have less time for social life and dating.