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He wasn't sure what would happen to his career after addressing himself as gay but still decided to be true to himself and the feedback was full of supportive comments. (-said by Luke Macfarlane in Globe and Mail in April 2008)So the announcement wasn't a whole package of surprise.

If you don't know Wentworth Miller, he is the hottie who plays as Michael Schofield in the American serial drama, Prison Break.

Luke is best known for his performance in play Where Do We Live and also for 2013 Canadian sitcom Satisfaction.

He is also known for his outstanding performance on ABC's Brothers & Sisters as Scotty Wandell.

He was unsure of what would strike him down professionally, but he wanted to be true to himself so he announced he is gay.

And even before he came out as gay, Luke was already speculated to be dating Grey’s Anatomy actor, TR Knight.

Above all, Macfarlane introduced himself as a songwriter and singer by singing and composing a song for the band Fellow Nameless.

Macfarlane needed a lot of guts to confirm him to be a gay.

A source even revealed that they had been dating for six months already in 2007 and that they were even thinking of moving together.Similarly Macfarlane is known for his charming appearance and his down to earth character.He is found to be very understanding with his friends, fans and co-workers. Pearson School for the Arts and also joined Juilliard in New York City in order to study drama.One of the popular Canadian actor and musician Luke Mac Farlane was born as Thomas Luke Macfarlane on January 19, 1980.He was born in London, Ontario to his late father Thomas and mother Penny with white ethnicity.

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This confession of him created heartbreaking of all female fans of him.