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The confrontation with novelty puts naturalists in the Old World and in the New World in a similar situation.It reveals the limits of traditional knowledge based on Classical authorities.It would have provided something toward the much needed lead up to Jane and Rochester falling in love.(Besides which, I think the way that Jane comes over and takes the shuttlecock from Rochester and then walks off is cute.) I thought that the dropping of the cousinship between Jane and the Rivers family was very odd. John and Jane as brother-sister thing rather weird.A closer investigation, however, brings to light not only the sometimes unexpected similarities, but also the differences which were due to the radical otherness of American plants.I was not particularly impressed with the new version of ‘Jane Eye’ the first time I saw it. John Reed and Jane fighting at the beginning, all the scenes at Lowood, the scenes with Jane and Adèle, with Jane and Rochester, &c. The subtitles (I watched the movie a second time round with subtitles, to compensate for how quiet the movie is) stated that a woman was laughing, but that was all.In the movie, Jane’s only friend at Lowood, Helen Burns, dies.

Her childhood is supposed to show where Jane is coming from in her thinking and feelings, but it only gives a scant outline, almost devoid of emotion.

Jane narrates in the book, “The school, thus improved, became in time a truly useful and noble institution.

I remained an inmate of its walls, after its regeneration, for eight years: six as pupil, and two as teacher; and in both capacities I bear my testimony to its value and importance.” ( by Charlotte Brontë, Ch. Most of Jane’s time there, therefore, was positive.

Even in their short time, they manage to come across as cultured, kind, gentle, and good-humoured. ” until she notices that he isn’t calling her “Miss Elliot” was amusing and very well done. You can see her apprehension that some of her fears for Jane are about to come true. She seems about the right age, unlike the girls who play her in most of the other versions.

The beginning of that particular scene is very strange, however. John comes to visit, Jane hears him knocking and fantasizes that Rochester has come to her and she kisses him — and then the man changes to St. They are not shown kissing, but it almost makes it look as if she kissed St. This version did, in fact, grow on me a bit the second time I watched it. It is so quiet that it is really difficult to hear what is going on. My sister always deplores Jane’s “drama queen” escape from Thornfield. Romy Settbon Moore plays her as a little coquettish perhaps, but much more like a real little girl than other actresses have done.

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The complaint has been made about this version before that there are too few scenes between Jane and Rochester before their engagement. There are literally two scenes (excluding the scene where Rochester falls off his horse and Jane helps him back up) with them together in conversation before Jane saves him from the fire, at which point he (in the movie) almost kisses her — and they are supposed to be obviously in love.

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