Laws for dating a minor in louisiana

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Laws for dating a minor in louisiana

The court will grant emancipation if it believes that doing so will serve the young person's best interest -- a determination that is typically based on factors such as: Minors who are seeking emancipation through a court order must follow the petitioning procedures that are set out by their state's law.Though the process varies from state to state, here's what the court procedure for filing an emancipation petition typically looks like. The emancipation petition must be filed by the minor (or by an attorney on the minor's behalf).Parents can also decide where their children will live and go to school and can choose what medical care their children will receive.If a young person under the age of majority is emancipated, the parent or guardian no longer has any say over the minor's life.

The newly emancipated minor should keep copies of the declaration and give them to schools, doctors, landlords, and anyone else that would normally require parental consent before dealing with a minor.

Some young people are physically or emotionally abused and want to get away from a bad home environment.

Other minors feel that they just cannot get along with their parents or guardians.

An emancipated minor can keep earnings from a job, decide where to live, make his or her own medical decisions, and more.

Essentially, an emancipated minor functions as an adult in society.

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This age varies from state to state, but it's usually 18 or 19 (it's 21 in Puerto Rico).