Isp dns not updating

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If it does not have the record, then the DNS query will be sent to other recursive name servers until it reaches an authoritative DNS server that can supply the IP address.

A DNS zone is an administrative space within the Domain Name System (DNS).

Step 2: Contact the Recursive DNS Servers If the information is not in your computer’s local DNS cache, then it will query the recursive DNS servers from your (ISP) Internet service provider.All DNS records have a time-to-live value, which shows when a DNS record will expire.After some time has passed, the recursive DNS server will ask for an updated copy of the DNS record.For a more profound understanding let’s break down the previously mentioned DNS components that are relevant to the DNS lookup process.Authoritative DNS Server An authoritative name server is a DNS server that stores DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, TXT, etc.) for domain names.

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