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As Clark learns about his Kryptonian heritage and real strength, he traverses the awkward teenage years of high school and tries to figure out how to date while stopping bad guys.While Tom Welling's Clark was the center of the show, the series had a wide cast of characters that accompanied the young farm boy on his journey from farm boy to Superman.A rep for Welling did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment regarding Mack's recent arrest. Between 20, audiences were transfixed by the WB-turned-CW series about a young Clark Kent coming into his own as his powers developed.Ultimately, the casting decision came down to Tom Welling and Jensen Ackles, the actor who went on to co-lead his own CW show with Supernatural.He may have lost out on the starring role, but Ackles still had a big part to play on Smallville as Jason.Tom Welling, the actor who played the character in Smallville, has a simple charm that was perfect for the shy farm boy character.

To ensure Welling received a driver, the rest of the cast all signed away their rights to receive similar services and went about their days a bit easier knowing their leading man was safer. Allison Mack's acting career didn't extend much further than a few small roles after Smallville left the air, but that doesn't mean she simply faded away.

Every actor who has played Clark Kent on the silver or big screen brought something different to the role.

Christopher Reeves brought a degree of aplomb to his performance as both Kent and Superman that hasn't been matched while new-comer Henry Cavill has brought an intensity to the role that gives his version of the character an edge previous incarnations lacked.

Ackles is a strong actor who definitely could have brought something special to the role of Clark Kent, but Tom Welling was the perfect choice to bring a teenaged Kent to life as he deals with the pressures associated with developing superpowers.

Clark Kent may be super, but that doesn't mean the actors who bring the iconic character to life are.

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Regardless of where these performers are now, they can all rest knowing they appeared in the series that kicked off a renaissance era for superhero tv shows.