Is polyamory married and dating real

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That was the other thing that bothered me about the show. Like, one of the beautiful elements of polyamory is the idea that you can create your own script, that you can form relationships how you want to–not how society attempts to define you–and yet many of these people seemed to think that showing even the slightest bit of monogamous behavior was BAD.Or they would use monogamy-shaming to get what they wanted, for example, Michael basically manipulated Kamala into sharing her girlfriend to prove she was still poly (a theme). When you’re poly you can have relationships with people without those people having relationships with other people you’re having relationships with.I’ve had plenty of media exposure to monogamous structures that have made me want to not be monogamous, but this was the first time I got to watch a show that made me feel Showtime seemed to be trying too hard to make it sexy.

( yes the one guy teaches Italian, what do the others do beside for having sex?I have had great difficulty with the reality of the whole thing..maybe I wasn't suppose to take it seriously?Kamala cries without tears-- she really got on my nerves--- the men in that relationship both seem homosexual( which is fine- just takes the reality out of reality..) What happened to the child from the first episode? It's fine for what it really is-- a not serious show where you can watch women fool around while gay men watch. Polyamory: Married & Dating is an American reality television series on the American pay television network Showtime.

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