Is keyshia cole dating young jeezy info on boys dating kissing

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Is keyshia cole dating young jeezy

They started dating shortly after they did a song together, Dreamin'.

Both Keyshia and Jeezy denied any knowledge of the other woman who claims to be Jeezy's longtime girlfriend.

"Me and Jay spend everyday together except when we're on the road," said Keyshia.

Jeezy denied saying he and Keyshia were not together anymore. At the end of the day, we're just focused on our careers right now but at the same time, I'm not saying I'm not with him and he's not saying he's not with me.

But I can say that if she do like him it will pop about her having a crush(or in your occasion liking) on Floyd. Young Jeezy stated in an interview, Keyshia left him because he wouldn't marry her.

Her boyfriend is Young Jeezy and some people say "They are engage" but other people say "There engagement is on hold" and the rest say "they are just dating" so we all don't know if they are engage, engagement on hold, or they just dating, try to look for more answers on google. To tell you the truth I can't think like Keisha Cole.

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