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Dating in the modern world that we live in these days can be really hard.You're not alone if you've been finding it really difficult to tell who's just in it for the hookups and who's actually out there searching for a real relationship.Being active on social media together is basically the same as having 'the talk' in the modern world we live in right now.Another one that should be pretty obvious, but sometimes isn't.Or if you two talk about traveling together next summer and start making serious plans.

via @couplegoals Usually if things aren't serious there's no reason to discuss past relationships and why they didn't work out.If he isn't initiating the conversation very often, chances are he's trying to keep you a good amount of distance from you.He doesn't want anything serious so he's trying not to show too much interest, just enough that you know he's interested in hooking up.If he makes plans with you more than a week or two in advance you know he's thinking about a future with you.For example, if he buys tickets to a concert in 3 months time for both of you he definitely expects you two to be together then.

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