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Did you do anything to get the feel of the Auburn Avenue area? I do a lot of business down there with music so I’m always in that neighborhood. I am a hard worker and I appreciate the things that I have and I have aspirations to keep growing as does Monty. I spend a lot of time with my daughter as a single parent in a sense. So we go to this one small town where they start to see the plagues one by one. Honestly, I started in television and I’ve played everything from drug dealers to lawyers to policeman. I play General Stone who is an American General who looks after this quarantined area but it all goes wrong! I was on the set one day with these guys and in between takes and although everyone was dressed in US Marine gear, all the extras were English. I know this sounds weird but there hasn’t been a film about Michael Jordan.

So it was good to film there because I was familiar with it. I don’t raise her by myself but I spend a lot of time with her by herself. I play a Christian who is going to debunk these miracles to find God and Hillary plays an Atheist who is debunking these miracles to prove that God doesn’t exist. Now that I’m emerging into film, it’s great to go from Stringer Bell who is a huge iconic drug dealer character to Monty who is quite vulnerable and the father of three kids. The Thriller genre is something that I’ve never done before. So you’re in London but you don’t get to use your British accent? So, were talking and I just naturally slip into my London accent and were chatting away and this guy says to me “Yo mate, your London accent is good!

I’ve just been coming here for a long time so the transition is always a challenge in terms of characters I play because each one is different. No one has the same cultural background so there is always a challenge. His background as an actor gives him the ability to relate to us in a way that we feel comfortable. She dates outside of that which is an interesting concept to me. So I think its interesting that the film sort of tackled that. Monty’s character in Atlanta, where we shot it, definitely was unique but it wasn’t something that I haven’t come across before. Now racism has sort died down to a behind the scenes kind of thing. But when I was growing up racism was something that we encountered daily. Idris: Tyler and Rueben and I had had discussions before about “Diary of A Black Woman” and we couldn’t make that happen so they were like if something else comes up, we should definitely keep in touch so we did.

But because I’ve absorbed the American culture so much its easier for me than someone who may have just come here from England to play an American. He’s also the writer, director so he was very adaptable in how we play with the text and how we open up his story and dialogue and apply our own experiences to it. They’re very precious with the words so it becomes a little bit of a battle between you and them. I grew up in a neighborhood called Cannon Town which was predominately white with a high Asian and Indian community. It would be nothing to get into a fight based on someone calling you a Black Bastard. So when this came in, the script was good and I was just like “let’s go.” What’s next for you? I’m promoting a film called The Reaping next with Hillary Swank. We play professors that debunk so called religious phenomenon. In this film, parts of London are quarantined off and it’s basically a new world. Idris: No, because I feel like that would limit what I would try, however, there are some characters that I would love to attempt.

Idris Elba, 45 and Sabrina, 29 met in Canada when the actor was making the movie “The Mountain Between Us.” The movie co-starred Kate Winslet and was about a man and a woman who get stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes.

Long before Wade came into the picture, Union had another basketball star on her arm: Jason Kidd.

The two dated when they were in high school, but the teenage dream came crashing down just two weeks before prom. Union and her family moved from Nebraska to Pleasanton when she was in elementary school.

Read on below for seven revelations from Union's new book.

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Was it hard to make that transition from the UK to here? I don’t watch much of the things that I’m in because when I’ve done it I’ve done it so I’ve seen it and then to see it. So to watch me playing different characters is always torture. I had the same issue and that lasted about three years of my early career here in the states. It was just because I hadn’t mastered the dialect, culture, just the way to portray an African American man. I heard recently that if you live in New York and you haven’t done Law and Order there’s something wrong with you. I think the difference is that a woman might want just one partner while most men are like “Its cool. She was telling me the experiences of her and her friends. I think the film is genius that it opens that question up. Is there anything that you learned from Tyler that was different as far as growing up black in the UK as opposed to growing up here?

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