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Irina lazareanu dating

Doherty and Lazareanu bonded over their shared interest in artists such as Oscar Wilde and Nina Simone.

Tim Allen has a weakness for vintage American cars – especially the muscle cars.The wedding took place at John Lennon and Yoko Ono's house in Woodstock.Irina Lazareanu is one of the top runway models working today. As you can see from this video we made during the photo shoot for Paper's Beautiful People issue.She always has her unique look and style." As a result of her striking features and rock'n'roll semblance, Lazareanu has developed the status of 'official muse' to designers Nicolas Ghesquière and Karl Lagerfeld, with whom she shot the Chanel Cruise campaign.Lazareanu met musician Pete Doherty then a member of the Libertines, at a party in Shepherd's Bush while she was a ballet student.

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At age 5, Lazareanu immigrated to Canada from Romania, settling into the Montreal suburb of Saint-Hubert, Quebec with her Romanian parents.

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