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Posted by / 13-Jun-2020 13:28

If your i Phone still won’t update, it’s time to restore your i Phone in i Tunes.

Make sure your phone is backed up before restoring, because you’ll be erasing all content and settings from your i Phone.hardware settings from your phone.

If so, the account was created as an IMAP account with Push access for received messages.

If not, you are accessing the account as a POP account and Push access is not supported with a POP account and POP account mailboxes are not kept synchronized with the server.

Thousands of people had a hard time installing the update and asked us for help!

So, if you’re trying to perform a major update on your i Phone, keep in mind that lots of other people are too, so sometimes you just have to be a little patient!

When I get my mobileme mail pushed to my phone it alerts me.

This may seem obvious, but oftentimes rebooting your i Phone can fix update issues.

Apple just released a new i Phone software update and you’re eager to try all of the new features it includes.

You go to update your i Phone to the latest version of i OS and BAM! No matter how many times you try, error messages keep popping up or the process simply stalls, and it’s getting infuriating.

Next, check if your i Phone has enough room to store the update.

i OS updates generally require 750-800 megabytes of free space before they can be installed.

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How can I get the mailboxes to update automatically on the iphone without having to select the mailbox to update?