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Intimidating women pics

#Team GEGCrew #Cuffin Season Season 2, Episode 2: First, we start off with our PSA for the ladies from The Business Jawn.Next, we go into current events with new music from Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion, and Ty Dolla Sign.First Off, The Social Media Jawn tells the biggest secret. The Business Jawn kicks the conversation off talking about paternity. Mississippi Mayor paying street pharmacies and gang members 10k to leave the city??! Plus so much more laughs and shenanigans from the GEGCrew. 21 - Listen in as the GEGCrew discuss trending topics... Secondly, we start talking about some current events like, Harvey Weinstein, Brandon from The Chi, Slutever and the people we would sleep with and not tell anybody. The Social Media Jawn kicks everything off talking about "Geezers". ** Special Thank You to Feed for selecting us, GETT EM GURL CREW PODCAST as one of the TOP 25 BLACK PODCASTS on the web** #Team GEGCrew #Happy Pride Ep. And Why is there a double standard when it come to the #He Too Movement! 23 GEG Crew talking about the heavy topic of The #Me Too/#He Too Movement! Plus of course the regular GEG Shenanigans all through the episode. 22 - Listen in as the GEGCrew discuss Life After A Loss... Expessing our personal experiences with multiple losses and coping. Ronda, Millah & Whit are the definition of Funny, Real, Witty but most importantly BEST FRIENDS! - This week the Social Media Jawn handles the interlude. Why do we consider ourselves "female pervs", Our personal sexual encounters, Likes and Dislikes & Self love.

Queen B is totally a BOSS and Uncle Jay is fallin'! Laughs and much more from the Gett Em Gurl Crew Podcast! The GEG’s talk about what Mental Illness means to them?Their experiences with Mental Health, Depression and Suicide. Should you not be sexting if your of a certain caliber professionally. Plus laughs and so much more shenanigans from the GEGCrew. 26 - Listen in as the GEGCrew discuss Child Support...Then we jump into the topic with the stereotype of being an "Angry black woman", Why black women really aren't angry/mad. We are also giving shout outs to all the April birthdays.

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24 - Listen in as the GEGCrew discuss Intimidating Women...