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Internet dating warning signs

With that in mind it is easy to imagine at least a few of the risks inherent to this type of website: there is the chance of losing control of your personal information as well as the chance of personal physical injury, theft or worse.

Traffic could be diverted to clone websites where users willingly download malware to their computers.

The dating site itself could become the target of attack, a breach could lead to the loss of identifying and/or embarrassing information.

ISPs, censors or hostile governments could target or monitor traffic looking for visitors in general, or a specific orientation in particular.

What happens next is a charge to the credit card for membership to a XXX streaming webcam for 0 per month.

The most successful dating site scams are worked by real people who use fake profiles and take their time to build comprehensive profiles of their target.

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This begins by painting a picture of growing financial hardship.