How to become intimidating

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How to become intimidating

Either way, you’ll be able to tell who you should avoid and who deserves to be part of your life. I stopped being “cuddly” when I realized that most people didn’t take me seriously when I was in fluffball mode.Being intimidating often means that people who would normally discredit you will hear you out instead, and that’s a great thing in many situations. Whatever intimidates people about you will likely be present in a good number of people who are close to you. After all, nothing is cooler than being badass with your squad.Listed below are some of the character traits that seem to be defining the notion of intimidating personality. However, there are a couple traits and characteristics that seem to be quite common.Whenever you encounter such type of behavior, it either makes you extremely angry, or it makes you want to walk away without saying a word.

In fact, I’d so far as to say that I am happy to be intimidating.

Nonetheless, your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong. You might have noticed that people are cautious when you approach them.

When they see you coming down the hallway, they give a quick nod and a smile, and try to get out of your way as quickly as possible.

Guys who are intimidated by girls will either not act on their desire, or will end up saying/doing something that makes them unattractive to you.

That’s fine, because the guys who could be intimidated by you are usually not even dating material in the first place.

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