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The first girlfriend we know of is Sara Paxton from 2004-2005, and then from 2005-2007 Jesse dated Katie Cassidy.

Both Kelly and Jared made a name for themselves by being discovered in contests! You all know that Kelly was the first American Idol winner, but did you realize that Jared Padalecki got his acting start by winning the Claim to Fame Contest in 1999.

He starred in Summerland, he's released a few albums including his hit debut, Beautiful Soul and he's really chill.

His laid back, surfer-guy personality is exactly what Hilary needs in her busy life.

;) Jesse Mc Carteny and Hillary Duff are NOT dating, I believe. ;) Jesse Mc Carteny and Hillary Duff are NOT dating, I believe. yeah its true they did go out but she chaeted on him=( who would do that to myy Jesse! No he is only 23 he is not married but he is dating Cassidy. But don't corner him down and threaten him if he doesn't.

Before we had Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, we had the teen couples of the early 2000s.

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no,they told a reporter that they are just really great friends and will stay like that no not yet anyway ..is 22 and she's 21.the 2 have really good chemestry NO, they are not. well Jesse Mc Cartney and her did go out but fergie cheated on Jesse with josh so now there threw and im glad i love Jesse Mc Cartney. As long as he does and he doesn't have a girlfriend, then ask him.

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