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Hebe aaron dating

Besides, Chun is also a member of the all men group named Fei Lun Hai or Fahrenheit .

All of the members are good singers and known to be the campus heartthrobs.

"Ahhh…ahhmm…I'm Ella, Ella Chen…" Ella answered with a nervous voice."So, your one of the famous girl here in the campus, may I have this opportunity to sit right beside you?

" ""Oh, sure if you want too…" Selina instantly agreed.

Gui Gui has terminated her contract with her previous management company, from 8 girls to going solo, her mood is still adjusting, "take this opportunity and equip myself ah, so I went to learn yoga, ballet and ballroom dancing.

They called out for her fans to try persuading her, so everyone can collaborate again in the future.

Poor Ella has no choice but to agreed to Selina's words. But he is not a good suitor because even though he's already courting for almost 2 months.. So he decided to ask some help with other fahrenheit member and they we're all surprised to know it..."What?

At the end of the competition, the jurors decided to form a girl's band…and the three had been chosen to be the vocalist of the said group .

But Xiao Gui, felt that the scene was not hyper enough, emphasizing that Aaron Yan and Gui Gui really didn't fight, it's just that they like to have small squabbles like little children.

For instance, there was once when Aaron Yan said that Gui Gui could not act, making Gui Gui fight back in defence, saying that Aaron Yan acts like a girl.

唯一的玫瑰" (Wei Yi De Mei Gui) Yao Ruolong Chan Kwok Fai The Only Rose.

Recently, “Pi Li MIT” are selling their props, Aaron Yan's cellphone in the Gui Gui does not avoid to say that she and Aaron have a good relationship.

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While they we're busy planning for the date Jiro is just silently sitting at the other side. "he added."Sure, I would loved too..." Hebe answered.."Thanks, I love you sweetie.."Aaron said before he says goodbye... Hebe went to Selina's house to asked her help in convincing Ella.