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But let's be honest, women aren't entirely blameless when it comes to projecting beauty stereotypes either.Fashion and glamour magazines, the multi-million-pound beauty industry, and high-profile female stars all promote a standardised, smooth-skinned feminine sexuality – they’re just as guilty as the much-criticised men’s mags of telling women how they should look, even if their approach is different.Compared with shaving, there’s not a risk of cutting yourself.On the other hand, some of the chemicals within depilatory creams or lotions can have harsh effects on sensitive skin.Shaved hair may also feel or look like it’s growing darker and coarser with each shave.Also called depilatory creams, these work the same as similar products for leg and other body hair. Apply the cream to your back and leave on for five minutes. You’ll have to reapply hair removal creams about once every few days.Thousands of women, we're told, are signing up for the Hairy Legs Club – an online movement that encourages like-minded ladies to ditch the razor and flaunt their naturally hirsute limbs. Deep down, we can be as modern and liberal as the next person.

Reading through the tumblr posts, the concept has been an inspiration for women to come out the hairy closet.It can be one of the most affordable ways to remove back hair.Keep in mind that shaving will have to be kept up regularly for best results.But if we’re honest – really honest – few of us would say we prefer a hairy leg to a shaved one.Some men would no doubt say they find it disgusting.

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I’ve had a beard for the last 15 years, largely due to laziness, and it would take something pretty spectacular for me to take up shaving again.