Gta dating alex who is dating matthew morrison

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Gta dating alex

Soon after receiving her driver's license at 16, she was arrested for DUI.She still hates her mother, but receives all her money from her parents.In, Alex's page is known as Liberated Woman.

She has been sexually active ever since, having slept with her gym teacher on her sixteenth birthday.

She also likes it when Niko takes her to the strip clubs: The Triangle Club and Honkers, which she expresses is supposed to give her ideas for intercourse with Niko.

Prior to dating Niko, she writes on her blog about beginning to date an old man with a prosthetic limb and "more money than a third-world country" (for reference, the twenty poorest countries in the world have GDPs between 0 and 0 million), who met her online and sent her a picture of his grandson, claiming it to be himself.

In some cases, she must call her father to raise the limit on her cards, and in other cases she shoplifts (arrested for it once in 2005, with a dress).

However, she is sometimes generous with her purchases, such as buying a car for her housekeeping staff (If Niko brings a cheaper car to pick her up, she says "Nice car, I bought one just like it for my maid", though this could also be merely a veiled insult of Niko's choice of car) and eventually providing Niko 50% discounts at clothing stores (if the relationship level is high enough, Niko can call her and the discount is good for 24 hours) or when she asks Niko where he bought his shoes, so she can buy her father them as a gift. Alex prefers expensive clothes from Perseus and expensive cars like the Turismo.

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She has extreme issues with her mother, who verbally abused her by constantly telling her she was not pretty.

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