Groupwise calendar publishing not updating

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Groupwise calendar publishing not updating

The most commonplace example is where administrative assistants support managers and other knowledge workers and need access to their calendars to book appointments, schedule meetings, and so on.Despite it’s nearly twenty years since the Outlook desktop client first appeared in 1997, sharing calendars has always been complicated.After a user accepts a sharing invitation, the calendar is added to the set that they open.The invitation needs to be accepted using an updated client (OWA for now) in order for the instructions embedded in the message to be processed correctly.In addition, because calendar events are often time-sensitive, changes made by these clients will be executed immediately rather than waiting for a timed synchronization to occur.Changes made to a calendar elsewhere will be synchronized immediately to ensure that your copy of the calendar reflects the most accurate view.

Except of course for clients connected to on-premises servers, which will continue to use the old sharing model as Microsoft hasn’t yet announced any plans to upgrade Exchange 2016.OWA’s spiffy new calendar sharing interface is good news.What’s even better is that the model will extend to mobile devices where Outlook for i OS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile will be able to view and edit shared calendars for the first time.If you work an 8 to 5 shift as a cubicle-dweller, chances are you are using some form of Microsoft Outlook to manage your appointments.Naturally, you’ll want to add your Outlook Calendar to your Android so you can have access to it anywhere you go.

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