Fine not updating address driving licence who is john goodman dating

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Fine not updating address driving licence

Is there any way that I can get away without a fine? Also it is the law to carry your driving licence every time you drive in Cyprus so I can't send it back!I'm just going to change it when we get back to the in 18 months.I moved about 14 months ago and rang DVLA and got sent a change of address form for my licence. I had not remembered as I have not needed to show or been asked for my licence in all this time.I have just found the form in with a load of my husband's papers.. Mine isn't the right address either as we don't live in the UK and you can't regisiter it at an overseas address.

The fees you pay may also include: Some WA DOL offices may charge additional service fees.I moved into my address 2 years go and only got around to telling dvla a couple months ago, i'm pretty sure i just sent off my change of address/ license and they sent new one back.It would prob only be a problem if you had had to produce it at some point.You will need to apply for your driver's license first, as you'll need this to register your vehicle in the state.Complete instructions, including fees you'll need to pay, can be found on our following pages: If you've changed your name, you'll need to have both your driver's license/ID card and motor vehicle records updated.

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