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Error updating certifier id

• If a refresh is required for the host view or folder: Resolution: • Press F9 key torefresh the Notes view.• Press Shift F9 to Rebuild the Notes view.• If the document’s lookup formula is causing the problem The above error can occur when you are using @Db Lookup and @Db Column within Notes document.

If you are using incorrect syntax of the formula,then the above error can be prompted.

There can be such situation when the key document is exiting but still the error occurs.

This can happen if the Reader Names field within the document does not contain the database Replica ID (.i.e.

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“Entry not found in index” This error can also occur due to corruption in the file. It includes your contacts, connections, locations, and Personal Address Book information.

But when he tries to connect his PC2 the old password still work so long as he has not used the new password!

So if a person owns his old ID that person will still be able to connect with the old password. On the server side the configuration is as follows:- Check password on Notes IDs is enabled- In the configuration of the user document "Check password is Check password"But it seems that it does not work.

Here I would like to introduce the Notes error: "Entry not found in index..." The error can occur in several situations while working with Lotus Notes documents, design, mails or views.

Error: "Entry not found in index..." when opening documents The above errors can occur while opening document within a view or folder.

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