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Eli roth dating rosario

”, print edition, March 29, 2010] Young, definitely. On March 25th, we had the opportunity to talk with most of the stars of Grindhouse.Eli Roth and London party girl Peaches Geldof have been the talk of Hollywood lately! The duo kissed and cuddled throughout the Vanity Fair Oscars bash in LA, and the next day Eli, 37, and 21-year-old Peaches, daughter of British music legend Bob Geldof, were spotted smooching at a Sunset Blvd. “Peaches has always dated rocker types before,” says an insider. She says she wants it to last.” But 17-years-old Eli may not be taking the romance quite as seriously, says another source. I think Eli’s just thrilled to have such a cute, young girlfriend! I actually thought Peaches was unattractive until this batch of photos – now that I‘m seeing her from different angles, I don‘t think she‘s unattractive. But she looks so much like her father, it’s a little spooky. Though she’s already a divorcee, I’m going to lay the blame for this dating fiasco right on Eli’s shoulders. And what’s with all of these reports that you like really young girls, like, inappropriately young? Grow up enough that you’re not picking up chicks out of high school. Fourteen months later, Mike turns up in Lebanon, Tennessee and chase Abernathy, Zoë and Kim, but these girls are tough and decide to pay-back the attack.JJ has her hands and feet dangling out of the car's side-windows while lying on the rear-bench.

I’m really looking forward to the film I produced coming out. It’s been really fascinating reading scripts from the perspective of a producer.

People getting to know Talia Lugacy, who is someone I’ve known for twelve years. I have an appreciation for what my agent and my manger have to do, pouring over so many scripts that are really bad sometimes. There have been some really great writers I’ve been reading, to be honest. Rosario: Definitely there is in the sense of being in more control.

And that we’ve gotten into the Tribeca Film Festival with. That’s the next place I will diverge in my career because I wrote a comic book last year [O. T.] and I’m producing the film of that with Bob Weinstein at Dimension. But just reading so many of these scripts that don’t necessarily have a woman’s role in them and reading just in the perspective of finding a great writer has been really really cool. When that happens I’ll be ecstatic to announce it, believe me. It’s more about being able to be a part of it for more.

He’s got famous friends like Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt.

He’s pretty hot, in a quirky/sexy nice-Jewish-boy way.

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Question: You worked with Kevin Smith on Clerks 2 and apparently he wrote a romantic comedy that he wants you to star in. I think he’s phenomenal and I hope he’s there at the Premiere on Monday [which he was] because the last time I talked with him he was in Canada. I know that I’m a rabid ridiculous huge fan of his and love him to pieces and would love to work with him again on anything.

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