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Elaine dating keith hernandez

It's another episode involving George's childhood friend and nemesis, Lloyd Braun, who, at this point, recovered from a nervous breakdown and is gaga over Chinese gum, which he later buys in bulk for a bespectacled Jerry.

She's then frugal with her supply, making sure her latest potential lover is "sponge worthy." The discontinuation of the Today Sponge is also a factor for George and Jerry.We're also introduced to "Denim Vest," and the Human Fund, and we come to learn that Kramer has been on strike for 12 years from his job in a bagel store.While at the coffee shop, George, Jerry and Elaine notice a woman at the next booth is eavesdropping.When a frightened Elaine cowardly promotes a slacker, Army fatigue-wearing mailroom employee to a writer for the J.Peterman catalog, she catches flack from the other employees.

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Jerry, enamored by his girlfriend's classic toy collection, George, who has issues with alleged animal cruelty, and Elaine, dealing with a "sidler" are all guests — along with Newman.