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Directdating co

But in my opinion, it’s something that will likely damage some of the relationships with your community due to the aforementioned points.

If you don’t have a community to market to, then WLD does help to create what looks like a busy site.

The frictional heating is higher as the depth increases, because the frictional heating generated by fault movement depends on the shear stress acting on the fault plane.

Your income then works on a 50/50 revenue share basis for the members you bring in. It all sounds great but unfortunatley my research found that it’s not all that it’s made out to be for both webmasters and customers.Static underground temperature does not affect the estimated age of the fault gouge, because the temperature in the borehole is negligibly low () as compared with the age resetting temperature.As a result, frictional heating is supposed to be the main reason for the age variations.Such a method would be available in regions without Late Pleistocene overlying sediments.A main issue for such a method is whether the estimated age indicates the actual age of a fault slip event.

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The software used by WLD is robust and their package on offer does get the greed juices flowing.