Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating quickdating ru

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Dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

Youcan check this in remembering the value of record 5 before changing record4, then changing record 4 and then doing a new select on the view.

I have read some stuff about this happening when a table does not have a primary key etc. View_Estim Prod ASSELECT *,(SELECT SUM(Cmd Sous Total) FROM cmd WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE Cmd Type = 20 And Cmd Date Livraison Estim Prod. Estim Prod Here is an example of the result Esp UID Esp Date Fin Esp Prod Max Planifie4 2006-03-24 300000 518169,3555 2006-03-31 30000 386288,926 2006-04-07 300000 472065,177 2006-04-14 30000 486509,3625When I am updating this View (I want to change Esp Prod Max), I am obtainingthe error message (related in the topic) for records 5 and 7. I tried to Add a trigger (instead of update) to avoid updating the aggregatefield Planifie : no change. I am Using Delphi 7 with a TADOData Set component with SQL 2000. see my reply to the post of Dan R made on the 21st April regarding "MSAccess boolean fields"--Best regards :)Guillem Vicens Meier Dep. clubgreenoasis.com--Contribute to the Indy Docs project: order to contact me remove the -nospam I am using a client-side cursors and I cannot use a server side cursor.I tried to change my dataset's properties ['Update Criteria']. I understand that ADO match the "before edit field values" before updatingthe database.But I still get the error message evenif I change this property, so I don't understand what's happenning. clubgreenoasis.com--Contribute to the Indy Docs project: order to contact me remove the -nospam Post by Christian Dubois Yes I try the Kevin's suggestion and I still have the problem.Christiansorry, should have been a little more specific. The solution to your problem can depend on exactly whatyou are doing. The reason of my problem, I think, is because, in my view, I made a SUM ona float field.

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But thank you for helping, I will try to find another way to solve myproblem (using my TADODataset) and maybe implement the Client Data Set later.

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