Datingsimulator6 1

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Datingsimulator6 1

And a second one came to him on a clear night in Hanamura, with an offer that can change things for the better.(Basically I believe Hanzo need a service dog and a friend that kick his ass into action, so I inserted that.) Angela Ziegler has come to America to make a life for her as a doctor in the American Frontier.

She dreams of excitement, harrowing stories, and a life that she can make for herself.

The future is unknown, and that has never been so terrifying or so wonderful. No one excepts him for he looks and acts nothing like them.

But when he tries to prove himself, he catches a dragon in this process and accidentally forms a friendship with him.

Amélie Lacroix is finally free the control of Talon, but things are still uncertain.

A youthful lieutenant Shepard unknowingly facilitates the release of an ancient evil and sets in motion a chain of events that will greatly influence the outcome of the first contact with Citadel species - and potentially threaten the standing of humanity among them.

After taking my sweet time, I finally come here to post some of my longer prompts from Tumblr somewhere else, so they are not lost to time. "Becoming the alpha of a decaying pack was something John “Jack” Morrison wasn't ready for.

Be warned, all of them are incredibly smutty, self-indulgent to a degree and are just... Many warnings have been posted on the tabs, and I'll try to post at least the main ship of the smut in the chapter, so you can pick and choose if you'd like to read something in specific! Jack was used to being a beta; follow orders, execute them and report to his alpha. But now his father-- his alpha-- was gone, and the responsibility of taking care of his family and his pack was all his".

What he didn’t count on was finding and reconciling with family, developing a bond with the small community in that village along with raising his children.

Caught in an eternal dance of give and take, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes must learn to find harmony with each other or face the consequences when their interdependent forces collide.

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