Dating website by iq intelligent cd dating

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Dating website by iq intelligent

There are dating sites for ‘professionals’ and ‘academics’ (if you can’t find them, you won’t fit in there) and you can always apply for MENSA membership and visit their meetings to see if you find a match.

However, be aware that just having a high IQ is not a real incentive for people to like you or want to be with you, you might want to work on your social skills as well, or your high IQ won’t be much of a reason for people to date you.

Because intelligence is correlated with many benefits, including: higher income; sense of humor; creativity; social skills; coordination; and problem solving.

I mean, yeah, relationships usually thrive between people with shared interests — but when you start totally shutting out whole groups of people just based on one or two qualities (your IQ score, whether you look like someone you’ve previously dated, etc.), I can’t help but think there are going to be an awful lot of missed opportunities passing you by.when you're talking about physical traits and not existential philosophy, I'm not going to get the vibe."For those who aren’t so keen on online dating (or just didn’t do well enough to get on Mensa Match), the site also pinpoints the nation’s smartest singles in a handy—so you know which bars you need to be hitting to pick up high-scoring hotties. You don’t get points for doing that on Mensa’s test, though. But even if you can’t figure out what it is, you can just click the buttons randomly until you get one of the easy ones. Step 3: Await your results, which here means bide your time until impending doom and/or being cast out from your family as a result of your woeful score. Re-evaluate the choices you have made in your life thus far.Durham, North Carolina took pole position while NYC ranked 11th, and Las Vegas beat out San Francisco by four spots to take 15th place. Thankfully, I have a high-speed Internet connection, so my doom window was but fleeting. Resolve to do more weird picture puzzles in your spare time. “Common sense is not so common,” Voltaire proclaimed three centuries ago.And it would seem that Mensa agrees, as it’s teamed up with to develop a sub-race of genius daters.

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Take, for an example, a Mensa member quoted in an article about the collaboration on CNN: The now-55-year-old woman, who graduated high school in three years, college in two and a half, and has a law degree from Georgia State University, didn’t date for a really long time because she couldn’t find anyone who was “interesting enough.” She said she doesn’t generally get along with athletes or sports fans, because “I’m looking for people who are intellectually curious.

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