Dating someone with fetal alchol effects america dating line

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Dating someone with fetal alchol effects

Like other drugs, low birth weight and a smaller head circumference is attributed to heroin use.Prenatal exposure to heroin is also linked to a number of cognitive impairments, including poor spatial recognition, poor memory recall, hyperactivity, and lower IQs.

However, studies on laboratory animals indicate these neural pathways return to normal into adulthood. Researchers believe prenatal exposure to cocaine might lead to an increased risk of seizures, depression, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease in adults.Parents of children with this exposure may wish to communicate this risk to their children to avoid pathways leading to addiction.Studies suggest that as many as 30 percent of pregnant women engage in consumption of alcohol at some point during their pregnancy."This experience we did not choose, which we would have given anything to avoid, has made us different, has made us better. In utero it results in a pattern of depressed and sporadic growth in all systems.Through it we have learned the lessons that no one studies willingly, the hard, slow lessons of Sophocles and Shakespeare - that one grows by suffering. I write now what fifteen years past I would still not have thought possible to write: that if today I were given the choice, to accept the experience, with everything that it entails, or to refuse the bitter largesse, I would have to stretch out my hands - because out of it has come, for all of us, an unimagined life. The fetus lacks the ability to metabolize the alcohol so it is built up in the system, particularly in the brain, and broken down and secreted very slowly, increasing the length of exposure.

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With symptoms ranging from physical deformities that include a smaller than normal head circumference, to facial abnormalities like flattened cheekbones to cognitive delays and poor fine motor skills, children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may have ongoing difficulties into adulthood with learning or memory, and poor concentration.