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Its PHP software allows you to integrate and configure your own design with their management system.Pros/cons: Members Gear supports member affiliate programs, unlimited groups, and product selling.However, they have a very simple back end and they do not integrate with Quick Books or any other accounting package.It is also worth noting that we attempted to reach them several times with no success.

However, similar to Club Master, support, although free, is limited given that it’s open source, and unless you’re tech savvy you may encounter some problems.

Group Spaces provides technology to manage membership, activities, and promotion online through a free group website.

Their main customers are mostly student groups, social groups, and small organizations.

No one can argue—getting things for free is awesome!

Whether it’s a brand new car or just a Chipotle burrito, free stuff makes you happy.

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You may want to consider additional software to supplement these functions.