Dating site stalker meme

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Dating site stalker meme

The character was created by Laina Morris (born June 22, 1991).

The video was a submission to a contest held by Justin Bieber who challenged fans to create a "Girlfriend" counterpart to his hit song "Boyfriend".

She appeared with the Epic Meal Time team in the 2013 You Tube Rewind.

She appeared on Table Top playing Cards Against Humanity.

A parody of "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction uploaded on January 14, 2013 was done not as OAG.

Morris continued to produce further videos, approximately one a week.

While some featured the OAG persona, many branched out from the OAG format, including charity fundraising and attempts to interview celebrities on the red carpet at the AMAs.

On June 13, 2013, she uploaded her first political video, a parody of the U. national anthem in which she is dressed as Uncle Sam and sings about watching you through Skype, Facebook, and Google because she "cares" but does not mention the current NSA leaking controversy specifically.

In December 2013 she was a guest on The Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick.

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