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Dating site for runners

More and more, single runners are turning to their sport as a way to find relationships.Runners meet at running groups, go on running dates and even compete in singles races. 15 in Tempe, Ariz., (and various cities in 2014), couples and singles are encouraged to run, but women wearing running skirts get a 3-minute head start over men.The Luv Run, a non-competitive singles 5K in which runners wear color-coded bibs to signify their availability and sexual orientation, launched in Boston last year and will host races in several cities on Feb. “Dating somebody at a bar is not the way runners and athletes usually meet their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives,” says Michael O’Neil, one of the race founders.“If you see a slow runner you’d like to talk to, you can slow down.

Go to group runs, ask someone to go on a running date and run in public places.Find running groups and running-related social events at, Facebook and local running stores.About a month or so ago, I found myself single again and a little cynical about dating, but needing to “put my life back together,” and get back out there.So after some back and forth with my fellow Salties, kpruns100s had a Fitness Singles profile. In the spring after I ended my almost seven-year relationship, I started dating again pretty quickly.I started with Ok Cupid to get some practice talking to guys again, then bit the bullet and paid for a three-month membership to Match.

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Despite the unpleasant start, running became a tie that binds the Chicago residents. “Running is a big part of our relationship, a healthy aspect of our relationship,” Aaron says.

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