Dating s w model 10

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Dating s w model 10

The M&P revolver was issued in large numbers during World War I, where it proved itself to be a highly reliable and accurate weapon.

Although WWI saw the rise of semi-automatic pistols, revolvers such as the M&P were often the weapon of choice, as they were generally considered more reliable and easier to use than automatic pistols.

But it appears that it is older than I first thought.They're the finest new handguns possible with designs harkening back to the most famous and collectible guns that Smith & Wesson ever constructed.Each is based on a model known for legendary performance then enhanced with modern advantages.Barrel lengths were 4-, 5-, 6-, and 6.5-inches with a rounded butt.Serial numbers for the Military & Police ranged from number 1 in the series to 20,975. This one left the factory in 1929 and was sent with ten others to a firm in Buenos Aires.

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