Dating gun nut dating schrade walden knives

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Dating gun nut

Probably because despite their machinations, they know the trend is real, and it will doom them if it continues.Cosmo is the latest women’s mag to come out with an article to shame male gun owners, and presumably the women who date them.

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Not for sympathy or "atta girl's" but because people need to see that there is another dimension to the gun problem in this country Peace ---------------------------------------------------- The purpose of my posting this was to show that behind the facade of the "responsible gun owner" can be something all together different. Many people said that my father would have used a knife or something else if he didn't have guns, but that is just the point.

He chose guns, he loves guns, guns give him power that nothing else gives him and that is intoxicating.

There is, however a third group of ladies, those that both, take shooting seriously, but would also be happy to meet a gun guy they could call their own.

I think either Bloomberg’s people, Soros’ people, or the White House, possibly all three, must be pushing women’s magazines to do pieces to turn women off of guns.

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