Dating excuse bad timing

Posted by / 11-Jul-2020 13:07

Dating excuse bad timing

And I have come to realise that wasting an opportunity with someone that you really enjoy spending your time with is just plain stupid.

I feel like I put myself out there a lot and I wear my heart on my sleeve without coming on too strong, but I feel like people only want to be my friend. Why would you try to be with someone who's far away? How many times have you heard the eye-roll-worthy excuse from the person you’re dating that they’d love to be with you, it’s just “bad timing”?It seems like a total copout, and many times it is.However why give up something that could have so much potential to bring you happiness?People you would actually like to form a relationship with are a rare gem amongst a treasure trove of copper and silver people that aren’t right for you.

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