Dating before 1960

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Generally, the king and the societal leader will teach everyone staying a particular location the basic rules of the society, what the dos and don’ts are will be listed and will be passed across to the younger generations, the issue of Taboo was rampant in Nigeria as at then which is one of the ways the younger generation are initiated into the society.Prior to the arrival of western education in Nigeria, education has been informal majorly from the family and immediate society, where children are taught about culture, social activities, and work.Some other authors defined education as what a man sees in his societies, put into practice to guide his day to day activities, some also see education as transferring cultural heritage from one generation to the other.To find common ground to all of this definition, I defined education as initiation processes that started from the day a man can react to stimuli to the day he stops reacting to stimuli.These educational activities made up for the majority of what the upcoming ones learn.The entrance of the Europeans into Nigeria, brought along European western Education in the 1840s.Education as we have rightly defined, it can be in three forms, we have the formal education, we have the semi-formal education, and we have the informal education, all of these started from informal education to the formal education.

Over the years, it is one of the issues that keep lingering in the educational arena to find common ground or particular definition for the term Education generally all over the world; some scholars defined education has the phenomena that happened to man since the day he was born to the day he will die.

Prior to Nigeria’s Independence, Only two Established Post Secondary Institution were available, Yaba Higher College (Now Yaba College of Technology founded in 1934) and the University of Ibadan, founded in 1948.

Post Independence brought about the major development of education in Nigeria, with an increase in the number of primary, secondary schools, teachers college and Polytechnics and Universities.

In the western part of the country, western education was encouraged by the Missionaries.

The Northern part of Nigeria, majorly populated by Muslims, western education was prohibited giving way to an Islamic school that focused primarily on Islamic education.

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Improve Standard of Living: the usual practices that has being affection the standard of living of most citizens in a particular country are disarm by modern idea and knowledge, innovations are at higher rate, tools that could help man overcome difficult tasked were invented on daily bases, technology keep improving to help man sustain and live well.