Dating bach trumpet mouthpieces

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it simply has "FRANK HOLTON & CO" "HEIM MODEL" with an inner diameter of .620 or so with a deep V shape and a flat rim, very small in height and weight.

I think it's from the 30s and seems to follow the description of the #1.

I measure here 3 diferent 10 1/2 C at .645 and one at .633 Most modern 7c are about .650 The heim 1 is a lot deeper than a heim 2 but should be about the same diameter.

They vary._________________Mouthpiece Maker vintage Trumpet design enthusiast of my posts are done with my phone on the fly, and it will sometimes auto-correct in some pretty unusual ways.

The C signifies it has a Chambers cup (as in James Chambers, longtime Principal Horn of the New York Philharmonic) with a number 2 bore.

The gustat 2 looks like it originally the same as the gustat 1, and then altered to make the diameter .010 bigger, and with more of a higher alpha angle.

That's just from looking and and seeing comparing the molds of the two pieces I have.

However, over the years the production standards changed as the company itself changed hands.

On the left in the photo is the oldest Giardinelli horn mouthpiece I own.

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One of the classic, old standard brands of mouthpieces in the United States has been the series produced by Giardinelli.

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