Dating addictive personality worst cities for dating yahoo

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Dating addictive personality

This is similarly true for those suffering from bulimia.A person is said to have bulimia when he or she binges on large amounts of food and then prevents digestion by purging (laxatives, vomiting, water pills, etc.).Individual traits can share common underlying factors or interact.For example, depression, poor self-control, and compulsive behavior are linked to neurotransmitter abnormalities, i.e., biological mechanisms.In this way, many people who maintain an addictive personality isolate themselves from social situations in order to mask their addiction.People with addictive personalities are very sensitive to emotional stress.This hypothesis states that there may be common personality traits observable in people suffering from addiction. Lang of Florida State University, author of an addiction study prepared for the United States National Academy of Sciences, said, "If we can better identify the personality factors, they can help us devise better treatment and can open up new strategies to intervene and break the patterns of addiction." The following factors are believed to influence addiction susceptibility.

Likewise, those who have low self-esteem also seek peer approval; therefore, they participate in "attractive" activities such as smoking or drinking to try to fit in.

Addictive individuals feel highly insecure when it comes to relationships.

They may often find it difficult to make commitments in relationships or trust their beloved because of the difficulty they find in achieving long-term goals.

People with very severe personality disorders are more likely to become addicts.

Addictive substances usually stop primary and secondary neuroses, meaning people with personality disorders like the relief from their pain.

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Further disorders that go hand-in-hand with it include mood and anxiety disorders.