Dating a tall woman

Posted by / 21-Oct-2019 04:27

Dating a tall woman

Our matching profiles use these to decide who should appear in search results. Our mission is to make sure everyone tall finds tall love! Knowing how hard it was for me to find someone tall enough, I really want to make it easier for all the tall people out there.

In retrospect, the poll should have gone beyond 6′!

It is a fantastic tall community of tall people looking for love. It turns out that I was not the only one with a tall dating issue.

Many, many people have contacted us to tell us how brilliant the site is and how great it is to have this service available to them.

So what made you start the tall dating site tallsingles?

I’m 6ft 7 tall myself and when I was dating I realized how difficult it was to meet and date tall single women.

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A common sentiment was that if it is to be called a ‘tall’ dating site, then it should be restricted to tall for both genders.