Dating a homeless guy

Posted by / 23-Apr-2020 21:38

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In looking at your past posting history, it seems you have got far more going on than this particular issue to focus on. It is really hard to help without knowing what your concern about homeless is? If she is a young adult is your concern that she cannot fend for herself?Making it difficult to know for sure if it's a good match. I don't think her being homeless is an issue at all as long as your dating her for the right reasons.Plus if ya do start having sex together, you're in a position of authority over her since presumedly everything will be occuring at your home. A lot of negative things can easily come about when there's a power disparity. Date her because you like her as a person not because you feel sorry for her or because you want to help her. Her getting kicked out and being homeless because of her drinking tells you that it is a big issue for her. Im not saying don't give her a chance, just be careful and keep your eyes open.

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