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Dating 10 years younger guy

I don’t sit around thinking about our age gap every day. until I remembered that I’m an intelligent, independent human being and DGAF what anyone thinks.

I don’t see the point in judging myself by outdated standards and offensive labels, especially those rooted in misogyny.

I’ve found that gaps in experience are actually an ideal basis for developing healthier relationship patterns because they encourage honest conversations and are an opportunity to examine my life from a different perspective. In the early stages of my relationship, I worried about being judged…When you date an older millennial, chances are he also comes with baggage that’s not your choice for DATING WITH LESS PRESSURE IS JUST A RELIEF.As women, the pressure to conform to the traditional narrative of finding a partner, getting married and having kids is immense whether those choices are personally appealing or not.With my younger guy, the worth of my life experience is a given and my advice is actually valued.Our 20s are a difficult and formative time, so from my older perspective, being able to aid the journey of someone I love is very rewarding. The people we surround ourselves with encourage different elements of ourselves that can have a huge impact on how our personalities are cultivated over time.

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