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Use Aerial Dodge/High Jump to get to the next one, and the next, before jumping to the final platform.

From here, you can make it to the door; land in front of it, but don't leave just yet.

Jump from the door to another platform across, this time to the right, for a rare material, Manifest Illusion (Final Mix only).

From here, you should be able to glide to a platform across the room, holding an AP Boost.

At the end of the second belt are steps leading to a Remembrance Crystal.

Use Aerial Dodge to hop up to the high ledge to the right, then jump across the gaps and glide to the exit.

Defeat the enemies that stand in your way to gain access to the exit, but before exiting, turn around and head left to be taken back to the first area, albeit a previously unreachable section of it.

After defeating the Heartless that spawn, head past the insignificant conveyor belts to the yellow platforms moving in and out of the wall.

Use them to reach the higher ledge, where another two conveyor belts await.

Back to the dungeon, Valor's High Jump actually isn't required here if you have Master Form's Aerial Dodge or Final Form's Glide.

Begin by jumping up to the ledge for an AP Boost, then heading through the path to the open area.

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The Cavern of Remembrance is a Final Mix-exclusive optional dungeon containing many chests and, at the end of it, access to the Data Organization XIII bosses.

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