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Namely, that based on their data, the age estimate of the dinosaurs was off by some 2000x.

Moreover, humanity must be increasingly concerned about asteroid strikes to the Earth, because that age estimate error would influence our estimate of the size of the whole universe (since we look at the size of the universe through the lens of time), which would mean that everything in our solar system is more densely packed.

Hence, we are more likely to be hit by asteroids because they are so much closer to us than thought.

This makes about as much sense as the Indiana Jones movie with ancient alien archaeologists.

Since my background is biological, I thought that discipline would be the obvious place to start—in particular, something about microbes doing interesting things under the surface of the Earth. It was one of the first posters in the aisle, so prominent to the casual passerby: Dinosaur bones and diamonds!

When looking at fossils preserved in sedimentary rock, the fossil itself can be dated, but often a technique called "bracketing" is used where the igneous rock on either side of the fossil is dated with radioactive isotopes that have half-lives on the order of millions of years.

This give scientists a range of time in which the animal could have lived.

That's when I read it: "humans, neanderthals, and dinosaurs existed together." The poster was challenging radiocarbon dating using Carbon-14 (C-14) isotopes.

It suggested that their data, comparing coal, diamond, wood, and dinosaur bones, were sufficient to throw all of geology into question.

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