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Correct dating mistake

For instance, I imagine that in any given January, some people accidentally date a check in the previous year. From working in a bank: Void the check and write a new one.

Is there a way to correct such a mistake, or must a check be voided (and wasted)? Any change, even if initialed, could be considered suspicious, and cause for the bank to refuse to accept the check (they may still accept it at their discretion).

Any changes to payee and amounts are not allowed and would be void if changed. I'd even say it's more likely to be scrutinized if you correct your error than if you just leave the error in place. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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If you used Action Script to direct the flash application to display text that is linked in a file, you can just correct the mistake in the file and reupload the file to the server without ever having to bother with the flash application… The correct way to phrase that sentence is this: "Bob and I are going to the game." A simple way to figure it out for yorself is to do this: Ask, if you were going to the game alone, how would you say it? I put a cup of salt in the cake batter by mistake when I meant to add a cup of sugar.

There needs to be a signature [full as per the record and not just initial]. 99% of the time (and possibly a few more nines after that), no one pays attention to anything on a check other than the numerical amount.

Lisa Ann’s* first words to me were, “I’ve done it again. And yet another said that she was not playful enough. Or do you have other relationship mistakes that you keep making?

I’ve chosen the wrong man once again.” She explained that the man she had been dating for the past three months had just broken up with her. When I love someone, I love him intensely.” It turned out that all of her boyfriends had, at some time or another, urged her to tone down her intensity. Her sister told her that she needed to look for a different kind of guy, that there were plenty of men who would find that intensity lovable and desirable, but Lisa Ann said, “I thought he was different. How could I know he would have the same problem as every other man I’ve been with? Do you keep having the same argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?

Contemporary neuroscience has come up with the same explanation: the repetition of problematic behavior is both psychological and physiological (specifically, neurological).

The psychological part, we have come to understand, may be a desire to master difficult situations.

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