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Consolidating student loans from different lenders

That being said, you must be employed or possess a job offer to be eligible to refinance with Earnest.The more your financial situation has improved since you took out the loans originally, the better your refinancing offer will be.We help borrowers compare the best refinance and consolidation companies in one place.All of the banks and lenders below allow borrowers to refinance student loans, as well as consolidate them during the process.You can often choose between a fixed or variable rate loan when refinancing.

It’s possible to consolidate federal student loans (Federal Perkins, Direct subsidized, Direct unsubsidized, and Direct PLUS loans) with a Direct Consolidation Loan from the Department of Education, but this will not allow you to lower your interest rate and private student loans are not eligible. The longer you hold your loan at a higher rate, the more interest you are accruing—even if you are in a grace period.

Once you’re approved, you sign a few documents and indicate the loans you’d like to refinance.

Your new lender will pay off these old loans, and voila, you have a shiny new refinanced student loan.

Once you determine which lender has the best offer (Earnest, we hope), you’ll complete a full application.

This application does require a ‘hard credit inquiry,’ which can have a minor credit impact (typically a few points).

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When you refinance student loans, you consolidate your existing federal and private education loans into a single loan.