Confidence in dating for women

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The quality of confidence ranks high in dating — for both of you.

That you are confident or that the guy sees you as confident? You might think of times in your life that you were confident but others didn’t give you the impression they agreed.

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A guy, looking at you during dating or relationship building, doesn’t want someone who can’t take care of themselves. Confidence isn’t about having the answers all the time, or all the winners on Jeopardy would have a long line of suitors. You have to be open, or you’re perceived as closed off, and it reads as cocky. If you close your heart in judgment (of him or you), you energetically close down, and the guy reads that as “not interested in him.”If you doubt your worth, the guy reads you as insecure.

Although both genders state wanting confidence in the other person, they don’t just want an answer person. You have to have charisma or charm as you let your inner magic out. Knowing your worth is glass-half-full instead of half-empty.

Let’s put it this way: If you think you are boring, will you ever want to converse with someone on a date? If you do not think you have any style or are unhappy with your image, will you want to go out often, and be seen by attractive and polished people?But especially in dating, hoping the guy will like you, is a trap.You might agree then that if you’re acting confident you’re not leasing your mental space for his perception.The amount of confidence you feel in any situation tells a story about your past success.If you approach dating with a negative story playing continuously in your head (I suck at this, he’s going to be bored, I’m not as pretty as the women he usually dates, I wish I had more experience), you’re more likely to have a negative experience and the person you are on that date with will feel that energy, and let me tell you what it will scream: insecurity, neediness, lack of confidence, desperate, etc. You can fake it until you make it – truly act as if you are confident (at least until you can build up the authentic stuff).

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What I really mean here is act like the version of yourself that you would like to be, and keep ‘acting’ like that person until it simply becomes comfortable to you – until you are comfortable in your own skin.

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